Why Everyone Needs an Online Skill

It was recorded in 2018 that the numbers of internet users have made headlines stating that more than half of the world is online.

The internet has progressed massively providing that 17 years earlier only about 12% of the world’s people were using the internet.

Despite the massive growth, almost half of the world’s population is not taking advantage of this modern innovation. Online skills are the same as digital skills. You can’t have a skill and not make money out of it.

Online skills are equal to online jobs/digital jobs and presently it is the future. In this modern age, the odds of securing a job (whether remotely or not) without having any online or digital skill is very slim.

Online skills actually boost your chances of securing your dream job and it is also an avenue for you to make money while working independently. You probably might be wondering what an online skills/digital skill is. An Online/digital skill can be defined as various abilities to use digital devices, applications, communication, and networks to access and manage information. Below are examples of online skills.

The above-listed online/digital skills are the basic skills needed daily in a professional context. These skills will be sufficient for individuals working in traditional workplaces which have adopted online systems to enhance security, connectivity, and security.

Why are online/digital skills important? 

Presently, digital skills are very essential for modern professions. The requirement for online skills is increasing, about 90% of professionals are required to have the least online skills while 30% of managers are required to have specialist digital skills.

According to the World Economic Forum, they estimated that 133 million new roles will be created globally by 2022 and the most in-demand skills will be data analytics, social media marketing, and any other online skills.

Let’s say you want to travel abroad from Nigeria. Do you know that as a student abroad or an immigrant, you need an online skill to secure a job? They may be high-paying jobs on the other side but do you have what it takes to land these jobs? You might have a good degree but an online skill will boost your chances of securing a job.

I started having an interest in acquiring these online skills about 12 years ago and right now I can vividly tell you it was worth it, the online skills I possess have opened me to a world of unending wealth, ranging from blogging, content writing, SEO, Profitable trading, digital marketing, Media Buying and selling and lots more. You can also check my post on how to start a blog the right way.

In conclusion to why online and digital skills are very important, the coronavirus pandemic came and made matters worse, a lot of people lost their jobs, people were forced to stay at home to help curb the spread of the virus. Many organizations were forced to use online and digital technologies and people with online skills were able to make more earnings during the pandemic. Almost all sectors were affected including the financial sectors but one set of people were not affected, “remote workers”, the digital and online skills that they acquired were sufficient for them.

Now below are the reasons why everyone needs an online skill.

Why Everyone Needs an Online/Digital Skill

  1. People with online/digital skills will be hired first 

Presently in Nigeria and globally, your degree matters less, your chances of securing a job are less if you do not have the most basic online skills. Who do you think an employer will choose between a potential employee with digital/online skills or a potential employee who has zero knowledge of what an online skill is?

Employers are in search of knowledgeable employees who have the basic online skills to run a business and follow the trends.

  1. Online skills allow for the ease of remote jobs

You don’t actually need a degree to earn a living, with online skills you can be able to work remotely. Remote jobs require the ability to work independently without supervision and require extensive knowledge and use of online and digital resources. Remote workers are comfortable with project management programs, video meeting softwares like Zoom, online platforms, and other required digital tools. Having knowledge on how to use digital tools and some specific digital platforms automatically puts you ahead and makes your job easier.

  1. Online skills aid entrepreneurship

The online skills I possess have aided me a lot in my entrepreneurship journey. From these skills, I was able to set up one of Africa’s Largest Entertainment websites “Waploaded.com “, Waploaded Media, parent company to Waptutors Academy, Memes Nigeria, Waploaded Store and many more.

Entrepreneurship at first involves doing things by yourself, especially at the beginning. If you are into blogging, you will have to design a website yourself, write SEO content yourself, manage and create your own ads, and many more. You can’t do all these without online/digital skills, your entrepreneurship hustle is online and these skills are very necessary.

Additionally, when you hire a professional, online skills will enable you to know if they are doing a great job for you or not.

  1. To land a good-paying job

I guess this is the part most people are waiting for. It’s no secret that online skills boost your chances of getting a job, however, if you want to earn more, you need online/digital skills. Your skill these days determines your earnings, not just your degree.

You can have a good degree and offer nothing to the growth of a business but once an employer or client sees your additional skills and notices how good you are, they will have no option to pay you what you are worth. In addition, learning online/digital skills will enable you to get the job you want and the pay you want.


Online jobs are the future, they can come in as a side hustle to give you that extra cash. For you to take advantage of these digital jobs, you need to acquire an online skill. With online/digital skills, you can become a freelancer which comes with numerous advantages such as flexibility, increased productivity, independence, and much more.

To get started taking an online skill today, do well to Join the Waptutors.com – an online education platform with both free and paid online courses which after learning you will earn and generate wealth online.

Now, it’s your turn.

I would love to know what kind of online/digital skill you are interested in learning, is it blogging, SEO, content writing, web development/design, or anything?

Then, use the comment below.

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