Entertainment News Blogging is DEAD! STOP IT

It’s funny how everyone now runs entertainment blogs to make money from ads networks. Entertainment blogging is too common and since everyone is into it, people will barely know your blog as a better entertainment news platform except you are an authority blog in the Nigerian industry.

A lot of people these days feel entertainment Blogging is the only lucrative website niche. As this may seem very true is as well not true because of the extra tasks involved. If you venture into entertainment blogging, I will let you know there are certain things that needs to be done before you can be identified as a successful entertainment blog.

Hey!, i know you may not agree with me, just like the lots in the comments of one of my facebook post who had disagreed that it’s the easiest hence it’s the most profitable. Well, but i have been into the news entertainment industry for quite some time now, and i will tell you, the new generation blogs are doing nothing new, they aren’t even adding any juice, it looks more like everything else out there, and “I Don’t take them serious“.

Since the breakthrough of popular entertainment blogs like Waploaded in 2011, Linda Ikeji Blog and many others, building a mansion from their hustle as a Nigerian entertainment news blog, there has been a tremendous increase in entertainment blogging with people following the path of these popular blogs dreaming of building their own brands, owning exotic assets and living the blogging lifestyle as well. Well, it’s not that easy as you may think. I’m sure you agree with me on that now.

On a rough estimate, likely to be too low, there are over 5000 entertainment bloggers in Nigeria, with each owning one or two blog and these bloggers all compete for the same search and social traffic.

The authority entertainment blogs are the only blogs that are getting the most traffic leaving the starter entertainment blogs to beg for traffic. It’s a survival for the fittest and lazybones are not given any chance to do better or improve.

“Entertainment blogging is no longer lucrative! Entertainment blogging is dead! Entertainment blogging isn’t the only niche you can venture into!” – Fidelis Ozuawala

The cost of running an entertainment blog is in fact high as you will require staff(s) just for a start because you only might not keep up with the latest and trending updates, breaking news that pops out in their seconds and surely you have little or no resources as a starter.

You will also agree with me that Entertainment news intersperses, are seasonal, they come and then die down almost after some few hours unlike some other niches like fashion, biographies, and some top niche blogs inside my course. 

Entertainment articles die after a few hours, some might even take days but at the end still die down because they don’t give entertainment blogs evergreen traffic. It is just like breaking news,  and after a while, people are no longer interested in looking it up. People barely come back to search for entertainment articles, it’s just for on-the-go.

Entertainment Blogging is Really DEAD! Want to Know?

Entertainment niche websites have a low chance of ranking and maintaining keywords ranking position. It is in fact poor for SEO because thousands of other related entertainment news blogs have almost exact titles and the competition is so much. A newbie would likely not rank at all unless he falls under an already established authority entertainment blog.

Entertainment blogging is dying really fast, as people are now embracing getting news and entertainment updates from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook groups, microblogging platforms like Twitter, and even WhatsApp statuses.

People are getting fed up with entertainment because it’s too much to consume, sometimes they get so bored that people skip so much of the context after seeing just the title or the first paragraph, worse, these are contents churned-out from celebrities your viewers might already be following. 

I will give you another reason why Entertainment blogging is dead – Entertainment update has almost zero CTR (Click-through rate), most times with just the title people already know the content and won’t even bother reading, serving as a major increase in bounce rate for entertainment bloggers.

That’s why most adverts targeted to promote entertainment updates do not convert as people would prefer to converse in the comments section of the Facebook Ad than clicking to see the blog post itself. Less if forget, even if they manage to land on your website, your in-house ads never converts as advertising networks always shrinks RPM/CPM of these kind of blog because efforts made to write a post is comparatively low.

What then can you do to prevent your entertainment blog from dying?

The only answer to this question is to streamline your entertainment website or better still embrace some other niches.

How do you streamline?

You can decide to create a team that is more efficient to cover the latest entertainment updates. If you feel you can do it on your own, then the big entertainment blogs who have a team of 10 or more won’t give you a slight chance to get organic traffic and that’s frustrating for entertainment bloggers.

If you’re a one-man army, it’s better to streamline your entertainment blog to a sub-niche for better chances of getting improved performance and authority.




I know, the list can go on-and-on, i have to stop somewhere, my subsequent posts would cover them, this up there is NOT the best list! 

This then brings me to share with you some lucrative blog niches I feel you can venture into and forget about entertainment blogging because it has no future except for the big guys in the industry who aren’t affected, they have their audience already and are building more. I have kept these hot websites niches a secret for years and now I have decided to share some with all of you reading now, just like 2017 when i released the SEJ PACK! (SearchEngineJoy Pack), a lot of people caught the SEJ (Search Engine Joy), i don’t plan releasing any yet — but for a limited time, my one-one-one niche blog mentorship is now available.

I am very sure some of these niches can start paying your bills in a few months if you put in your total effort and time, $5000 is the least money guaranteed per month, my results are really typical, free from Adsense Bans, Easy to run, 1 post per month is fine, and zero blog maintenance.

Guess what?

On this niche blog i plan to mentor you about, it runs on auto-pilot, with the help of the WP-Repost plugin, your old posts keeps getting available on the following day and shared across social media platform, you are only focused on checking Advertising performance and withdrawing your earnings!.

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  1. Jon

    Damn bro.
    I had no interest in blogging but after reading this….. You are have ignited a fire in me.

    September 1, 2021
  2. Tony obun

    Smooth read, i will stick with vlogging for now though

    September 1, 2021
    • Thanks man, am happy you like the post. Yeah, Vlogging is still a great option but requires lots of time and passion to keep up with.

      October 8, 2021
  3. DellaSlelp

    🙂 .

    February 7, 2022

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