Higher Earnings in Crypto using “Leverage Tokens”

$DOT was just %9 in last 24hours up but I was making 22% in Profit. In this post you will discover the simple tactics I used to make 80% profits trading DOT in 8days while others were making 32% then you can apply it in all your trades to boost your portfolio faster and ultimately eradicate poverty the easiest way.

Before we kick-off, i am Fidelis Ozuawala, CEO of Waploaded.com & Waploaded Academy, one of the very first bloggers in Nigeria far back 2009, currently building tools across the blockchain Technology, the entertainment industry and also sharing my knowledge about the entire crypto space, NFTs and Niche blogging.

What are Leverage Tokens?

Leverage tokens essentially helps you take leverage position i.e your profits/losses are multiplied, making a successful trade even more successful and vice versa for a trade at loss. Most exchanges use either a 3x or 5x for their leverage tokens.

These tokens are traded on “Spot” but because of the way they were listed in the exchange with an inbuilt leverage, a little move from the original token e.g DOT causes a much bigger move in the leverage token DOTUP or DOTDOWN.

How does Leverage Tokens Work?

 In the case of Binance leverage tokens DOTUP for example means you make more money when DOT goes up, and when you buy/trade DOTDOWN you make money when DOT goes down.

Where to Find a Leverage Token?

In Binance exchange, leverage tokens can be seen from the leverage token tab or searched by adding UP or DOWN to a token name, e.g DOTUP, BNBUP, BNBDOWN or DOTDOWN, there are many other types of leverage tokens.

The Leverage tokens are also called Turbo Tokens because of their very high volatility. Various exchanges have various tickers for these leverage tokens, FTX calls theirs ETHBULL, ETHBEAR, Binance has a ticker of UP or DOWN for their leverage tokens.

How to Trade a Leverage Token?

If you already know how to trade in Spot, you can easily trade leverage tokens if they exist for the token you are looking to buy, simply search the token adding either UP or DOWN to the title e.g ETHUP, BTCDOWN

Then proceed and buy, if you buy BTCDOWN in spot, it means you make money when BTC is going down, and when you buy BTCUP you make money when BTC is going UP. it’s pretty easy.

See Leverage Token in Action:

So a few days ago at about 24th August inside the Waploaded Crypto Trading Group, i called DOTUP (a leverage token), it was about $9 when i called it inside our Whatsapp group.

8 days later, September 1st, we are up 80% in profits, while others trading the main token on Spot are way less than 30% in profits.

The power of leverage tokens, and an Academy like Waploaded Crypto Academy makes it really easy spotting perfect trades that will boost your portfolio quick and easy.


Okay! still not cleared?

Here is leverage token in Action in the last 24hour,

The Original token $DOT was up barely %9 in last 24 hours

but the leverage token $DOTUP is up %22 in last 24 hours.

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